export interface ClientOptions
export interface ClientOptions
Options for a client.
The default value for allowedMentions
The amount of time in milliseconds to wait for the close frame to be received from the WebSocket. Don't have this too high/low. It's best to have it between 2_000-6_000 ms.
The default value for failIfNotExists
Intents to enable for this connection
jsonTransformer?:(obj: unknown) => unknown
A function used to transform outgoing json data
Function to create a cache. You can use your own function, or the Options class to customize the Collection used for the cache. Overriding the cache used in GuildManager, ChannelManager, GuildChannelManager, RoleManager, and PermissionOverwriteManager is unsupported and **will* * break functionality
Structures allowed to be partial. This means events can be emitted even when they're missing all the data for a particular structure. See the "Partial Structures" topic on the [guide]( for some important usage information, as partials require you to put checks in place when handling data.
Presence data to use upon login
Options for the REST manager
The total amount of shards used by all processes of this bot (e.g. recommended shard count, shard count of the ShardingManager)
shards?:number | number[] | 'auto'
The shard's id to run, or an array of shard ids. If not specified, the client will spawn shardCount shards. If set to auto, it will fetch the recommended amount of shards from Discord and spawn that amount
Options for cache sweeping
Time in milliseconds that clients with the GatewayIntentBits.Guilds gateway intent should wait for missing guilds to be received before being ready.
Options for the WebSocket