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@discordjs/core is a thinly abstracted wrapper around the "core" components of the Discord API: REST, and gateway.


Node.js 18 or newer is required.

npm install @discordjs/core
yarn add @discordjs/core
pnpm add @discordjs/core

Example usage

import { REST } from '@discordjs/rest';
import { WebSocketManager } from '@discordjs/ws';
import { GatewayDispatchEvents, GatewayIntentBits, InteractionType, MessageFlags, Client } from '@discordjs/core';

// Create REST and WebSocket managers directly
const rest = new REST({ version: '10' }).setToken(process.env.DISCORD_TOKEN);

const gateway = new WebSocketManager({
	token: process.env.DISCORD_TOKEN,
	intents: GatewayIntentBits.GuildMessages | GatewayIntentBits.MessageContent,

// Create a client to emit relevant events.
const client = new Client({ rest, gateway });

// Listen for interactions
// Each event contains an `api` prop along with the event data that allows you to interface with the Discord REST API
client.on(GatewayDispatchEvents.InteractionCreate, async ({ data: interaction, api }) => {
	if (interaction.type !== InteractionType.ApplicationCommand || interaction.data.name !== 'ping') {

	await api.interactions.reply(interaction.id, interaction.token, { content: 'Pong!', flags: MessageFlags.Ephemeral });

// Listen for the ready event
client.once(GatewayDispatchEvents.Ready, () => console.log('Ready!'));

// Start the WebSocket connection.

Independent REST API Usage

// Create REST instance
const rest = new REST({ version: '10' }).setToken(token);

// Pass into API
const api = new API(rest);

// Fetch a guild using the API wrapper
const guild = await api.guilds.get('1234567891011');



Before creating an issue, please ensure that it hasn't already been reported/suggested, and double-check the documentation.
See the contribution guide if you'd like to submit a PR.


If you don't understand something in the documentation, you are experiencing problems, or you just need a gentle nudge in the right direction, please don't hesitate to join our official discord.js Server.