export interface RequestData
export interface RequestData
Represents possible data to be given to an endpoint
Whether to append JSON data to form data instead of payload_json when sending files
If this request needs the Authorization header
Default value
authPrefix?:'Bearer' | 'Bot'
The authorization prefix to use for this request, useful if you use this with bearer tokens
Default value
The body to send to this request. If providing as BodyInit, set passThroughBody: true
The Agent to use for the request.
files?:RawFile[] | undefined
Files to be attached to this request
headers?:Record<string, string>
Additional headers to add to this request
Whether to pass-through the body property directly to fetch(). This only applies when files is NOT present
Query string parameters to append to the called endpoint
reason?:string | undefined
Reason to show in the audit logs
The signal to abort the queue entry or the REST call, where applicable
If this request should be versioned
Default value