class Sticker


export class Sticker extends Base

Represents a Sticker.

available : boolean | null

Whether or not the guild sticker is available

client : Client<true>

The client that instantiated this

Inherited from: Base

createdAt : Date

The time the sticker was created at

createdTimestamp : number

The timestamp the sticker was created at

description : string | null

The description of the sticker

The format of the sticker

guild : Guild | null

The guild that owns this sticker

guildId : Snowflake | null

The id of the guild that owns this sticker

The sticker's id

name : string

The name of the sticker

packId : Snowflake | null

The id of the pack the sticker is from, for standard stickers

partial : boolean

Whether this sticker is partial

sortValue : number | null

The standard sticker's sort order within its pack

tags : string | null

Autocomplete/suggestions for the sticker

type : StickerType | null

The type of the sticker

url : string

A link to the sticker If the sticker's format is StickerFormatType.Lottie, it returns the URL of the Lottie JSON file.

user : User | null

The user that uploaded the guild sticker

reason?: string
) : Promise<Sticker>

Deletes the sticker.

// Delete a message
  .then(sticker => console.log(`Deleted sticker ${}`))

Edits the sticker.

// Update the name of a sticker
sticker.edit({ name: 'new name' })
  .then(sticker => console.log(`Updated the name of the sticker to ${}`))

other: Sticker | unknown
) : boolean

Whether this sticker is the same as another one.

fetch() : Promise<Sticker>

Fetches this sticker.

fetchPack() : Promise<StickerPack | null>

Fetches the pack that contains this sticker.

Returns: The sticker pack or null if this sticker does not belong to one.

fetchUser() : Promise<User | null>

Fetches the user who uploaded this sticker, if this is a guild sticker.

...props: Record<string, boolean | string>[]
) : unknown

Inherited from: Base

valueOf() : string

Inherited from: Base