class ShardingManager


export class ShardingManager extends EventEmitter

This is a utility class that makes multi-process sharding of a bot an easy and painless experience. It works by spawning a self-contained ChildProcess or Worker for each individual shard, each containing its own instance of your bot's Client. They all have a line of communication with the master process, and there are several useful methods that utilise it in order to simplify tasks that are normally difficult with sharding. It can spawn a specific number of shards or the amount that Discord suggests for the bot, and takes a path to your main bot script to launch for each one.



execArgv : Array<string>

An array of arguments to pass to the executable (only when mode is process)

file : string

Path to the shard script file

Mode for shards to spawn with

respawn : boolean

Whether shards should automatically respawn upon exiting

shardArgs : string[]

An array of arguments to pass to shards (only when mode is process)

shardList : number[] | 'auto'

List of shards this sharding manager spawns

A collection of shards that this manager has spawned

silent : boolean

Whether to pass the silent flag to child process (only when mode is process)

token : string | null

Token to use for obtaining the automatic shard count, and passing to shards

totalShards : number | 'auto'

Amount of shards that all sharding managers spawn in total

message: unknown
) : Promise<Shard[]>

Sends a message to all shards.



script: (client: Client) => Awaitable<Result>
) : Promise<Serialized<Result>[]>

Evaluates a script on all shards, or a given shard, in the context of the Clients.

Returns: Results of the script execution

id: number
) : Shard

Creates a single shard. Using this method is usually not necessary if you use the spawn method.

Returns: Note that the created shard needs to be explicitly spawned using its spawn method.

prop: string
) : Promise<unknown[]>

Fetches a client property value of each shard, or a given shard.

  .then(results => console.log(`${results.reduce((prev, val) => prev + val, 0)} total guilds`))

event: 'shardCreate'
listener: (shard: Shard) => void
) : this

event: 'shardCreate'
listener: (shard: Shard) => void
) : this

Kills all running shards and respawns them.

Spawns multiple shards.

shard: Shard

Emitted upon creating a shard.