class PartialGroupDMChannel


export class PartialGroupDMChannel extends BaseChannel

Represents a Partial Group DM Channel on Discord.

client : Client<true>

The client that instantiated this

Inherited from: Base

createdAt : Date | null

The time the channel was created at

Inherited from: BaseChannel

createdTimestamp : number | null

The timestamp the channel was created at

Inherited from: BaseChannel

flags : null

The flags that are applied to the channel. This is only null in a PartialGroupDMChannel. In all other cases, it is not null.

icon : string | null

The hash of the channel icon

The channel's id

Inherited from: BaseChannel

name : string | null

The name of this Group DM Channel

partial : false

Whether this Channel is a partial This is always false outside of DM channels.

Inherited from: BaseChannel

recipients : PartialRecipient[]

The recipients of this Group DM Channel.

The type of the channel

url : string

The URL to the channel

Inherited from: BaseChannel

delete() : Promise<this>

Deletes this channel.

// Delete the channel

Inherited from: BaseChannel

force?: boolean
) : Promise<this>

Fetches this channel.

Inherited from: BaseChannel

options?: ImageURLOptions
) : string | null

The URL to this channel's icon.

Indicates whether this channel is DM-based (either a DMChannel or a PartialGroupDMChannel).

Inherited from: BaseChannel

isTextBased() : this is TextBasedChannel

Indicates whether this channel is text-based.

Inherited from: BaseChannel

isThread() : this is AnyThreadChannel

Indicates whether this channel is a ThreadChannel.

Inherited from: BaseChannel

isThreadOnly() : this is ThreadOnlyChannel

Indicates whether this channel is thread-only.

Inherited from: BaseChannel

isVoiceBased() : this is VoiceBasedChannel

Indicates whether this channel is voice-based.

Inherited from: BaseChannel

...props: Record<string, boolean | string>[]
) : unknown

Inherited from: Base

toString() : ChannelMention

When concatenated with a string, this automatically returns the channel's mention instead of the Channel object.

// Logs: Hello from <#123456789012345678>!
console.log(`Hello from ${channel}!`);

valueOf() : string

Inherited from: Base