class GuildOnboardingPrompt


export class GuildOnboardingPrompt extends Base

Represents the data of a prompt of a guilds onboarding.

client : Client<true>

The client that instantiated this

Inherited from: Base

guild : Guild

The guild this onboarding prompt is from

guildId : Snowflake

The id of the guild this onboarding prompt is from

The id of the prompt

inOnboarding : boolean

Whether the prompt is present in the onboarding flow. If false, the prompt will only appear in the Channels & Roles tab

The options available within the prompt

required : boolean

Whether the prompt is required before a user completes the onboarding flow

singleSelect : boolean

Whether users are limited to selecting one option for the prompt

title : string

The title of the prompt

The type of the prompt

...props: Record<string, boolean | string>[]
) : unknown

Inherited from: Base

valueOf() : string

Inherited from: Base