class InteractionResponse

export class InteractionResponse<Cached extends boolean = boolean>

Represents an interaction's response

Type Parameters

Cached? extends boolean = boolean

client : Client

createdAt : Date

The time the interaction response was created at

createdTimestamp : number

The timestamp the interaction response was created at

The id of the original interaction response

interaction : Interaction<WrapBooleanCache<Cached>>

The interaction associated with the interaction response


ComponentType extends MessageComponentType

options?: AwaitMessageCollectorOptionsParams<ComponentType, Cached>
) : Promise<MappedInteractionTypes<Cached>[ComponentType]>

Collects a single component interaction that passes the filter. The Promise will reject if the time expires.


ComponentType extends MessageComponentType

options?: MessageCollectorOptionsParams<ComponentType, Cached>
) : InteractionCollector<MappedInteractionTypes<Cached>[ComponentType]>

Creates a message component interaction collector

delete() : Promise<void>

Deletes the response.

Edits the response.

fetch() : Promise<Message>

Fetches the response as a Message object.