class BaseGuildEmojiManager

export class BaseGuildEmojiManager extends CachedManager<Snowflake, GuildEmoji, EmojiResolvable>

Holds methods to resolve GuildEmojis and stores their cache.


client: Client<true>

Constructs a new instance of the BaseGuildEmojiManager class

The cache of GuildEmojis

client : Client

The client that instantiated this Manager

holds : Constructable<Holds>

The data structure belonging to this manager.

Inherited from: DataManager

resolve() : GuildEmoji

Resolves an EmojiResolvable to an Emoji object.

resolveId() : Snowflake

Resolves an EmojiResolvable to an Emoji id string.

resolveIdentifier() : string | null

Resolves an EmojiResolvable to an emoji identifier.

valueOf() : Collection<Key, Holds>

Inherited from: DataManager