class AutoModerationRuleManager

export class AutoModerationRuleManager extends CachedManager< Snowflake, AutoModerationRule, AutoModerationRuleResolvable>

Manages API methods for auto moderation rules and stores their cache.

The cache of this manager

client : Client

The client that instantiated this Manager

guild : Guild

The guild this manager belongs to.

holds : Constructable<Holds>

The data structure belonging to this manager.

Inherited from: DataManager

Creates a new auto moderation rule.

autoModerationRule: AutoModerationRuleResolvable
reason?: string
) : Promise<void>

Deletes an auto moderation rule.

Edits an auto moderation rule.

Fetches auto moderation rules from Discord.

// Fetch all auto moderation rules from a guild without caching
guild.autoModerationRules.fetch({ cache: false })
// Fetch a single auto moderation rule
// Fetch a single auto moderation rule without checking cache and without caching
guild.autoModerationRules.fetch({ autoModerationRule: '979083472868098119', cache: false, force: true })

autoModerationRule: AutoModerationRuleResolvable
) : Snowflake

Resolves an AutoModerationRuleResolvable to a AutoModerationRule id.

valueOf() : Collection<Key, Holds>

Inherited from: DataManager