function withFiles

export declare function withFiles(files: DescriptiveRawFile[], options: APIInteractionResponseCallbackData): {
    body: {
        attachments: {
            id: string;
            description: string | undefined;
        content?: string | undefined;
        tts?: boolean | undefined;
        embeds?: APIEmbed[] | undefined;
        allowed_mentions?: APIAllowedMentions | undefined;
        components?: APIActionRowComponent<APIMessageActionRowComponent>[] | undefined;
        flags?: MessageFlags;
        thread_name?: string | undefined;
    files: {
        name: string;
        data: string | number | boolean | Buffer;

A utility function to create a form data payload given an array of file buffers


files: DescriptiveRawFile[]
The files to create a form data payload for
options: APIInteractionResponseCallbackData
The additional options for the form data payload